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Gower flight

A Spring day aerial tour of the Gower Peninsula. A short film i did overflying the Gower in a flexwing microlight so please sit back and enjoy, or if your feeling brave enough? give it a try !!

Taith ar ddiwrnod hyfryd o wanwyn o amgylch Penrhyn Gwyr mewn microlight. Eisteddwch
nol a mwynhewch. Os cafoch chi fflas ar y daith a'ch bod chi'n ddigon dewr, rhowch gynnig arni !!

Microlighting is all about having the freedom of the skies, flying by the seat of your pants like a paraglider, but with an engine to get you up there in the first place!

Microlights are small 2 seat aircraft which come in two styles flexwing, which is an open-air hang-glider wing but with trike, wheels and engine and a fixed-wing, which is more like a conventional aircraft.

You can just about fly anywhere (within reason!), land in small fields, visit friends, favourite pubs! It is relatively easy to learn to fly and much cheaper both to learn and to buy than conventional `Group A' aircraft.